Brag Books

One of the projects I will be working on is brag books.  We have thousands of pictures of the kids and it would be great to pull out the best ones from each year and create an album with them.  I plan to do one for each of them every year.  It means I have a bit of catching up to do for Leah.  The pages will be 5×7.  I haven’t decided how many pages they will be yet, but at least 16 – one for each month, with a few extras.  Once they’re done, I’ll print them out as keepsakes.  Leah loves looking at pictures, so I think this will be a big hit with her.

Here is the cover page for Leah’s 2011 brag book.  Since I really love “The Flower of Naturalness” kit, I will probably stick with it for the whole book.  I will probably use a different picture, but I’ll wait until the end of the year to decide.

Papers and elements: “The Flower of Naturalness” blog train at

Border Templates: Kellies Kreations

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