Pinterest, Part 1

I recently discovered Pinterest, a website that allows you to pin and sort images of things that inspire you.  I’ve spent most of my time there so far looking at the DIY crafts and home decor ideas.  Today, I finished my latest project based on this image.

It was the first project I made with digital scrapbooking.  I decided on the word I wanted to use (family) and then I looked through my kits to find one that would go well with our future kitchen/family room wall colour and chose 6 papers (each one was a separate image).  I put one letter on each paper, using different fonts for all the letters.  When I was done, I sent the six images to the printer and then put each in a frame.  The letter “i” will get a smaller frame once I find one.  I love how it turned out.  I fully expect this will become one of the projects I will do through my S4H business.  For now, my family and I will enjoy my very first one.

Here is a view of the entire mantle.  So far, it is pretty bare, but as I complete more projects (and once the room is painted), it will be perfect.


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