Fall For Me

The beauty of Autumn is now behind us and the streets are blanketed with leaves.  We have one tree in our front yard and it has successfully entertained the kids for over a week now.  It’s the first year that J hasn’t been scared of playing in the leaves.  They have both had a lot of fun.  L has now moved on though, and is looking forward to the snow (after Halloween).


Kit: “Fall For Me” by AnnaBo Creations

Autumn Page and Craft Fairs

We visited my uncle last weekend for our second annual leaf pile photo shoot.  Leah had fun jumping in the leaves and playing with the rake.  James enjoyed standing near the pile and holding the rake.  He did not like being in the pile though.  Oh well.  Maybe next year!

Credits: Reika Rafita, JMC Designs, In The Small Things, Kooky Cat Designs, Kim Jensen Designs , Amanda Heimann Designs

With Christmas right around the corner, it is now Craft Fair season.  I’m thinking of participating in a few next year, so I will be checking some out this year.  I want to get an idea of how to display my products and also what other types of products will be there.  Plus, I may even get some shopping done. 🙂