Baby Memory Books

I’ve been working on James and Leah’s baby books.  It’s fun going through all the notes and pictures we’ve taken of them since before they were even born.  So many beautiful memories!  I am having a hard time narrowing down what to include in the books.  If I had my way, I would include everything, but then the books would be 365 pages long.  That’s too expensive and probably unnecessary.

The books will be 8×11 and I actually purchased the kits I will use to make them.  They were my very first purchases.  The kits are adorable and they are S4H friendly.  I’m not ready to share pages from the books yet, but here is a 12×12 page I made when I first bought the kit (girl and boy version).

Credits: “Child of my Child – Girl Kit” – Fayette Terlouw


Credits: “Child of my Child – Boy Kit” – Fayette Terlouw


This is the first year I have done a Halloween page.  It was tricky finding the right kit because a) I wanted it to be free! and b) I wanted a cute kit that had sweet, smiling elements, since my little ones were wearing cute innocent costumes.  I found the perfect kit at Eyeinspire called Halloweenies.  Here is the page I made of my two Trick or Treaters.

It was a great weekend and Halloween night, and now we have enough candy to tide us over until Christmas!

Autumn Page and Craft Fairs

We visited my uncle last weekend for our second annual leaf pile photo shoot.  Leah had fun jumping in the leaves and playing with the rake.  James enjoyed standing near the pile and holding the rake.  He did not like being in the pile though.  Oh well.  Maybe next year!

Credits: Reika Rafita, JMC Designs, In The Small Things, Kooky Cat Designs, Kim Jensen Designs , Amanda Heimann Designs

With Christmas right around the corner, it is now Craft Fair season.  I’m thinking of participating in a few next year, so I will be checking some out this year.  I want to get an idea of how to display my products and also what other types of products will be there.  Plus, I may even get some shopping done. 🙂

First Day of School

Leah’s first day of kindergarten was this past Thursday.  She wasn’t overly cooperative with pictures, but that’s ok.  She had a great day at school and is so excited to go back next week.  She’s also looking forward to taking the school bus for the first time, since we drove her on Thursday.  I’ll just have to make a page for that first too. 🙂

Credits: “Back To School” by Word Art World, “Feelings So True” by Mediterranka Designs

To Do Lists

I made a to do list for the month of August and have gotten exactly 2 things crossed off that list so far.  We are now August 27th.  What are the chances I’ll scratch off the other 8?  Oh well!  I’ve spent more “quiet time” in the afternoons with my daughter instead of in front of the computer this week.  She is starting full-day kindergarten, which means we won’t have afternoons (or mornings) together anymore. 😦  I keep saying this, but time moves too quickly!!

One of the things I did manage to do this month was grab a bunch of the mini kits from the August DST blog train!  I haven’t played with them much yet, but I loved the colours they used this time.  Here is the one page I have managed to do so far, using word art, elements and paper from many of the participating designers.  If you’re interested, hurry over to the blog train blog and grab them while they’re free.  At the end of the month, a lot of the designers put their kits in their stores.

My plan for September is to get a portfolio together to show potential clients my work.  I’d also like to finish up (or rather start and finish) my 2010 album and print it as a photo book.  There are a few things I would like to learn too, including blending and using brushes.  I have been experimenting with both, but some of the layouts I see in galleries are amazing and I have no idea how they do it.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Leah’s Brag Book

Internet issues and a teething baby have kept me from posting anything this week.  My internet connection is still iffy, but I wanted to post a couple of pages I’ve made for Leah’s 2011 brag book.  I am sticking to one kit for the whole book.  It is from a recent blog train at  The theme was “The Flower of Naturalness”.  Here are my pages for January and February.