IDSD and Pigtails

This past weekend (November 3rd and 4th) was International Digital Scrapbooking Day.  It’s an exciting time for all digital scrapbookers and designers alike.  This is the third time I’ve participated in the IDSD weekend and, I believe, it was my most successful.  I snagged some gorgeous free kits and have been busy playing with them.

Here is one of the pages I have made.  The kit is “Clementine” by Tickled Pink Studio

Happy Halloween

My daughter loves Halloween.  She decided during the summer that she wanted to be Princess Jasmine.  It turns out, that’s a hard costume to find, so I had to order it online.  Sadly, it is too cold for her to really show off the costume.  She has to wear a shirt underneath and a jacket over top to keep warm.  But she still loves it.  My son has an aversion to costumes.  At our event this weekend, it took a lot of coaxing to get him into his costume and he wanted it off as soon as he was done getting his candy.  I’m not sure if he will let us put it on again tomorrow night for the actual Trick or Treating.  Fingers crossed it isn’t another cry-fest.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!


Kit: “Halloween” by Melancolie, buttons by Word Art World

Fall For Me

The beauty of Autumn is now behind us and the streets are blanketed with leaves.  We have one tree in our front yard and it has successfully entertained the kids for over a week now.  It’s the first year that J hasn’t been scared of playing in the leaves.  They have both had a lot of fun.  L has now moved on though, and is looking forward to the snow (after Halloween).


Kit: “Fall For Me” by AnnaBo Creations

Photographer In The Making?

I recently pulled out our old digital camera.  It still works, but it’s old.  The kids have both taken to it.  There’s no memory card yet (I’ll be adding one, just to take a peek at the world they like to try to capture).  But for now, they have fun pretending.  They can see their subject on the screen, the flash goes off and it beeps.  That’s really all they need.

Today, James decided he wanted me to take pictures of him taking pictures of me.  I think he makes a handsome photographer. 🙂


Kit: “Clic” by Ange Designs